Minutes for September 26, 2008

College Committee on Inclusive Excellence
September 26, 2008
Submitted by Chandra Commer

I. Welcome & Announcements:

There will be a Safe Zone training sponsored by the Intercultural Center. The training is by special invitation only. Scott Kier and Myrna Santiago will represent the CCIE. The training will take place on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 during community time.

II. Welcome to New Members:

Randy Menjivar has joined the committee as a student and Social Justice Coordinator for the Campus Activities Board.

III. Review of the meeting notes:

Revisions have been made to the last meeting notes; the final minutes have posted on the CCIE website.

IV. Updates:

A. Book Groups:
Book groups have started their planning. In The Tim Wise, "White Like Me" group, there are 3 sessions with two co-facilitators for each session on Mondays, Tuesday or Wednesdays with 27 people signed up. October 30th, there will have be a complete list of students participating. The co-facilitators are Myrna Santiago, Angelica Garcia, Joan Cube, Robert Bulman and Scott Kier.

B. Upcoming Workshops:
Brother Donald has located a workshop that is designed to discuss diversity from a Catholic perspective. The Pilot workshop will be held on Friday, November 21st from 9-4 pm, location to be announced. The ADL workshop will convene on Friday, October 17th. After attending both workshops CCIE will discuss which workshop will be best suited for SMC Community. ADL and Deborah Savage will be asked to suggest a way to tailor the workshop for the need of St. Mary's, taking into account the WASC report. If there are any comments or suggestions, send them to Brother Donald Mansir or Robert Bulman. When the final outline of the proposal for the second workshop is sent out, CCIE will receive a copy. Beth Dobkin, Robert Bulman, and the Budget Committee will convene to discuss the expense of the workshops.

C. Act of Intolerance Protocols:
Scott Kier has been successful concluding the Act of Intolerance Protocols.

V. Discussion Items:

A. Introducing the Act of Intolerance Protocols to the Campus:
Scott Kier and Mike Jung will be working to get the Dean of Students website running soon and the outcomes of incidents will be listed. Scott had a meeting with Tommy Wu and Student Life leaders; 4 more informational items were brought to their attention regarding discipline projects. Updates will be made two times a year, on the website that will show what was done and what the outcomes were relative to the incidents. The protocols have been added to the student hand book. Student Life will be having a discussion about publicly getting the word out about the protocol. Joan Cube will bring up the protocol at the Diversity Club Committee meeting and Scott Kier will be working with Associated Students. The R.A. Staff Council has also received copies of the Act of Intolerance protocols. The first draft of the cover letter will be published in the Campus Bulletin. Prior to the final copy being posted on the website, the Senate will review the language for any feedback. Brother Charles Hilken will be asked to distribute the protocol to the Senate. Changes will be added to the Act of Intolerance Protocols and the latest draft will be sent out to the CCIE committee, to Brother Charles, and to the Senate members.

B. Use of Inclusive Excellence Partners:
The Summer Book Group met to discuss next steps. The group for "Difficult Dialogue" will create a list of workshop/presentation topics that will be offered, with options for those who have experience with difficult dialogues or need help with this topic. Lunchtime workshops will be held. The book group is trying to get a sense of what resources we have on campus. Building a Resource Center at SMC that offers a variety of resources has been discussed. Barry Chersky will have a course on "Getting Unpleasant News" coming soon. Angelica Garcia's group is available to provide training; potentially an audit may be developed to determine what experience and interest areas participants may have or need. Study groups may be set up in the near future. Communication was sent out regarding the staff compensation study that made reference to the Merit and Pay Recognition groups. When groups convene or if there are any concerns or ideas, please inform either Beth Dobkin or Robert Bulman.

C. Educational Case Statement:
Revisions have been made to the Educational Case Statement, 6.2version. The cover letter was the best approach for presenting the case statement. After minor revisions, the statement will be presented to the campus.

D. Climate Survey Report:
Mary McCall has been successful in her efforts to finalize the Climate Survey Report. Charts have been integrated into the report. The committees' role is to not provide interpretations but acknowledge awareness and comments on various topics. Problematic areas should be highlighted and open to feedback from the community. A cover letter will have a link to the report and how the CCIE is following up, leaving it open to comment and feedback. There will be mechanisms in place for students to express their points of view. A link will be sent out to the student list asking students if they have any questions to contact their student, representative, Randy Menjivar.

E. Budget Committee:
Tomas Gomez has been appointed chair of the Budget Committee. A criterion has been set up for assessment of funding groups:
1. Fit with the mission of CCIE
2. Impact:
2.1 Audience
2.2 Number of Individuals reached
2.3 Strength of impact (based on narratives)
3. Focus
4. Incremental over existing programs
5. Not being a regular program
6. Use of other sources of funding
7. Collaboration with other parties
8. Amount Requested
CCIE has a budget of approximately $100,000 spread out over 2 years. Decisions have not been made on what to do with the money. How much for work, proposals, and budget for initiatives will need to be clarified by the CCIE. CCIE will also define what is/what is not allowed to be funded. 4-weeks after the event, a generic report similar to the faculty development report will be posted on the web for positive feedback; it will be mandatory to submit a 250-word summary for each proposal. Information on what has been funded will post on the website after it is determined how much is allocated. What has been spent so far and projections for next year will be recommended by the Budget committee but CCIE will ultimately make the final decisions. The Budget- Committee names will be made public; Tomas Gomez, Mary McCall, Joan Cube and Scott Kier.

VI. New Business

A. Core Curriculum Revision:
Jane Camarillo and Robert Bulman are part of the committee with Brother Donald acting as chair of the Core Curriculum Task Force (CCTF). The CCTF has been active for two years after being charged by the Academic Senate to review the existing core curriculum, develop a set of learning goals that students will achieve by the time they graduate, access whether the existing core curriculum achieves goals, and if not, establish a new set of learning goals. This was designed as a 3-year process with the committee now entering the final year. There has been a new set of learning goals established. Wednesday, October 1st, during community time there will be a CCTF sponsored event for the campus community. Two new documents will be presented and have been posted on the website:

• The White Paper, the Committee's answer to the question relating to whether the existing general education requirements satisfy the new learning goals that have been developed.
• The Green paper, a 4-page document summarizing general assumptions that the committee has worked with on the subject of what the new curriculum would look like.

The plan is to construct 3-models of a new general education curriculum. Each model will include the assumptions discussed in the green paper. During community time the assumptions will be introduced and how we are evaluating regarding a potential new curriculum. Following the meeting, in two weeks increments, the potential models will be unveiled. On October 8, 2008 the first potential model will be released with campus conversations of the strengths and weaknesses of that model in relation to the learning goals already established. The 2 other potential models will follow on October 22nd and November 5th. The goal, after the community discusses all 3 models and the Committee hears all feedback, is to select which model will be suited best for SMC. At the end of the Academic Year, 2009, the Academic Senate will call a vote to approve/not approve the proposed curriculum.

Next Meeting: ADL Workshop- October 17, 2008 9:00-4:00 pm, Trustees Board Room