Minutes, July 30 2008

Submitted by Chandra Commer

1. Announcements:

• We are now a member of the (HACU) Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, an organization committed to Hispanic success in higher education. We have Associate Member status based on our Hispanic student enrollment. This membership makes us part of nationwide network, and we will begin receiving materials about special conferences and resources.

• August 6th is the farewell reception for Mark Figueroa.

• The High Potential program has begun; information can be found on the SMC website.

2. Climate Survey Analysis:

There was an email sent out with links to the survey data. There are about 65 pages of data that, due to confidentiality concerns, Brother Ron and Beth will need to look them over and decide what can be posted to preserve anonymity. Mary has been involved with gathering data and has drafted a narrative document and executive summary which will be distributed to committee members soon. In the next meeting, Mary will give a narrative and focus on 3-5 things that were learned out of the Climate Survey Analysis. As a committee, we should draft an executive summary that after reviewed, can be distributed at upcoming staff/faculty days. Certain areas that need to be addressed might be: Favoritism, what does it look like? Equity in compensation, job satisfaction, and potential differences in response based on ethnicity.

3. Acts of Intolerance:

Scott presented a draft protocol for review. In the document, there were some areas that could be added, such as defining what are acts of intolerance. As a committee, what can we do so this addresses faculty and staff as well as students? The protocol will have to include be accountability and direction about where to go to get issues addressed. There should be a trained student council or peer mentor program for students. The Protocol should include more on faculty and staff and not just focus on students. For the next meeting, Beth will add a section that deals specifically with faculty, and Emily will add a section for staff. There should also be a learning component where education has to be featured. Educational intervention should focus on the element of reconciliation; there should be an opportunity to be able to come together to get some type of behavioral outcome.

4. New Faculty Orientation:

The faculty orientation will be August 21st and 22nd. It is anticipated that 9 out of 10 new tenure track faculty will attend, also, (1) core and adjunct faculty member will attend. Beth and Robert will introduce the ODMI model, what will happen on campus, and what the CCIE vision is. Mel, Beth and Emily will help to coordinate the staff day. The staff day will be tailored more towards a brief introduction of ODMI and what we can do for them. In the orientation there should be a single topic agenda, do something with intercultural discussion to get a sense of students, graduates & undergraduates. There will be Orientations in October and March for all faculty who have been here for less than 3 years.

5. Inclusive Excellence Website:

The site is currently part of the Provost's web page. Beth asked members to review it and comment.

6. Book Groups:

The summer reading groups have been successful, with members showing up and getting their reading done. There are36 people divided in 2 groups. Issues that have come up are: what are supposed to be doing differently and what is going to happen in the fall? The groups are building co-facilitators to continue to build abilities to discuss these topics. Students are invited to participate.

7. Campus-Wide Workshops/programs:

We already have leadership development/management programs, and pockets of skill development around campus. There needs to be something scheduled for CCIE and cultural competence to pilot a workshop for the whole campus, possibly a full day to see what would be appropriate. We need to emphasize the importance to the community and offer options on different days, perhaps during January. We need to be ambitious to get this up and started. The meeting for the CCIE workshop will be late September, the week of the 22nd.

8. Vision Statement:

There have been some decisions to exclude "Catholic, Lasallian institution and to replace with:

We at Saint Mary's College of California are dedicated to treating others with dignity and respect in ways that acknowledge and validate their diverse backgrounds and ideas. Our policies, practices and behaviors foster a safe and inclusive community and promote learning that is equitable, collaborative, and inspired by the presence of God in and among us.

Next Meeting: July 28th, 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm, Trustees Board Room