Minutes, July 8 2008

Submitted by Chandra Commer


1. Introduction of New Members: Tomas Gomez will replace Kara Boatman as the new SEBA representative. Brother Donald Mansir will also join us.

2. Climate Survey Analysis: Response rate for the survey has been overpopulated with a number of faculty and staff. 22% response rate for faculty and 34 % staff. The list is self subscribed and will fluctuate depending on response from faculty and staff. Faculty and staff have commented on the survey that they are tired from all the talk about diversity. We can work toward mapping data on the inclusion model by having a few people get together to manage the data more efficiently.

3. Progress Reports: All facilitators have been successful with communicating to their assigned groups. Michael and Communications will submit an end of the summer draft for the website. The summer reading group will be meeting soon consisting of 35 members. Mary and Joan will be speaking with the Director of leadership. Campus Diversity programs will be emailed and discussed in the next meeting.

4. Orientation: In orientation we should identify what is important for staff to try to accomplish. Inclusive Excellence should be introduced and be discussed, Lasalian educators, where they are and are they committed to helping students. The High Potential Program and what it means should be discussed.

5. Staff/Faculty–Day outcomes: Staff needs help on Lasallian missions, to ensure their success; there will need to be resources. The ODMI (Organizational Development Model of Inclusion) will be discussed on both August 15th and August 21st.

6. Vision Statement: The vision will be a campus wide vision of inclusive excellence. This will consist of phrases incorporated from mission statement to give an understanding of what inclusive excellence stands for. The group has decided not to include Catholic, Lasallian and Liberal Arts in the vision statement.

7. Cultural Competence Workshops/Pilot Training Module: Pilot group should test anything recommended to the campus. Cultural management introduces work place of different framework. Faculty and staff are interested in doing training to compare. Does it fit in? Planned structure important to have workshop which focuses on supervisors and leaders. The job of the committee will be to access and do inventory to specify what is happening on campus. Can there be workshops after surveys?

Topics on agenda for next meeting:
1. Climate Survey Analysis: Comparing the survey with the last survey and mapping the results on the inclusion model.
2. Multicultural environment training.

Notes will be posted p the website for future sense of activity once it is reviewed by committee.

Next Meeting: July 30th, 9:00 am – 11:00 am, Trustees Board Room