Blackfeet Immersion (Inequalities in Education)

You will be spending your Jan Term break in Browning Montana, about 30 minutes south of Canada living with and among the Blackfeet Nation--a reservation on the east side of Glacier. Once there, you will be working in pairs as teacher aids with grades 4th-8th in the local Christian Brother's school. In addition, you will be directly engaging social justice issues, experiencing interfaith dialogue, living simply, and exploring an innovative teaching method alongside the wonderful people of the Blackfeet Nation. Lastly, there will be an opportunity to go in Glacier National Park.


Blackfeet Immersion 2016 Video


When is it?

This immersion traditionally takes place during January Term break.


Why would I want to go?

One of the greatest things about your SMC education is the opportunity to grow in understanding the complexity and challenges of the world beyond the classroom. This immersion is one of those opportunities to connect the dots between what you are learning, feeling, and doing in a way that will have lasting effects during your time at Saint Mary's and beyond. Additionally, students have constantly found this time as a chance to build deep friendships with each other.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $500 dollars. This includes the full week worth of meals, airfare, and any additional costs (i.e. Glacier Park). In addition, there is funding available in the form of a student research and development grant.  MOST STUDENTS choose to participate in the grant process. For more information on the grant, go here. Please note, if you are planning on applying for the grant we ask for you to apply for the full $750 dollar amount. Our student leader, helps you with the process of applying before you leave for Christmas break.