We want to amplify the voices of people from nondominant religions and worldviews on our campus, creating space for authentic learning, celebration, and action.

Saint Mary's students come from a variety of worldviews and faith traditions. We celebrate the spirituality, traditions, religions, and view points of everyone in our SMC community. A few of the ways that we do this are through interfaith events, a Faith Coalition for Social Justice, and the Interfaith Sacred Space.


Interfaith Events

We host interfaith events to give SMC students the opportunity to engage and work together with people from diverse faith backgrounds. This year we hosted INformalaTeas and an immersion. Our INformalaTea events are an informal place for students to enjoy beverages and snacks as we grow in appreciation, understanding, and celebration of different worldviews. Immersions invite students into faith communities, where we take part in religious ceremonies and work beside the people within the community.
The events vary from year to year but they may take the form of celebration, education, or something entirely different. Examples can be found in our events page!



Faith Coalition for Social Justice

The Faith Coalition for Social Justice is a group that we are creating that will be made up of 8-15 people of different religions, backgrounds, and worldviews who come together to discuss issues that affect both the SMC community and the wider Bay Area. We will act as a resource for the community as well as a student organization. 



Interfaith Sacred Space

Established in 2016 and stemming from student initiative, the Interfaith Sacred Space is a place for all to reflect, meditate, and/or pray. It houses cushions, prayer rugs, and a few sacred texts. It is open to anyone who would like to use it, and if it's lacking something that you need, feel free to fill out the Item Request form or stop by the Mission and Ministry Center and let us know how we can help.

Item Requests