Justice and Advocacy Education

Service and Social Justice Education are framed by the Catholic, Lasallian, and Liberal Arts traditions. Each of these programs give our students unique opportunities to animate the Five Lasallian Core Principles: Faith in the Presence of God, Quality Education, Inclusive Community, Respect for All Persons, and Concern for the Poor & Social Justice.

Catholic Social Teaching and commitment to service and justice through education is the heart of our Lasallian Mission.

Currently, due to COVID and the CDC guidelines, the Mission and Ministry Center is unable to host our Immersion experiences and the Lasallian Service Internship course during January Term.

Our commitment to social justice is not just conceptualized and rigorously explored via encounters with those experiencing the employment, economic, and educational inequities that persist today, it is also addressed through our daily practice of continued education, reflection, and action. As a result, the MMC is offering other ways to engage in work for social justice through training in advocacy.   We look forward to the return of our immersion experiences and Lasallian Service Internship course when possible. 

Here are the various ways to get involved in justice education in the Mission and Ministry Center at this time:

SMC Delegation to Ignatian Family Teach In Conference 


Webinars on Racial Justice in the Lasallian Network


Racism in Our Streets and Structures - Webinar by Georgetown University

Past Immersion Opportunities

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Explore past opportunities offered by the MMC:

 Lasallian Service Internship  Fair Trade Fridays  LUCE