Salinas Immersion 2016 Reflection



This past midterm break 25 SMC students and staff traded in a quiet sleep and study filled Mid-Term break for a chance to explore the bustling and controversial food industry.

In this 3-day, 2-night program students immersed themselves in the community of Salinas CA and followed the food process from field to factory, to market, and to our table. Some highlights included: a personal tour from John Martinelli the great-grandson of the founder of Martinelli's sparkling apple cider, local talks from Salinas's most prominent political members from the Strawberry Commission and former mayor of Watsonville, in addition to spending time in the fields picking strawberries alongside farm laborers and spending time with their families. SMC's Riley Smith and Kelli Barram also attended, providing a sustainable lens to the food industry and the environmental effects of how our food is grown and processed.

Overall students were challenged to check their assumptions about who actually picks America's produce, how our food is handled, and above all to recognize the human cost behind the food we eat. Jackie Jimenez, who has co-lead the immersion for 3 years, and I were excited to pass along our passion and concern for the food justice along to our fellow SMC peers, and we are looking forward to the impact this will have on campus.

- Emily Redfern, Lasallian Peer Minister Mentor & Co-leader of Salinas Immersion


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