Lasallian Service Internship I - Local & Domestic [Jan 172]

The Lasallian Service Internship course will not be offered during January 2021 due to Covid-19 off campus/travel restrictions. Please contact Carrie Davis ( with any questions.   

The chart below reflects Jan Term 2020 information. 


LSI I 2020 Service Sites & Locations

Estimated Cost 

More Information


Estimated costs for LOCAL sites = $180 course fee

+ ESTIMATED transportation costs to/from site 

Note: Approx 1/4 of local travel costs are reimbursable (CE)

De La Salle Academy (Concord, CA) $440 LSI 2020 InfoWebsiteFacebook page
Catholic Charities of the East Bay (Concord, CA) $460 LSI 2020 Info, Website
Monument Crisis Center (Concord, CA) $430 LSI 2020 Info, Website

St. Mary's Center - Senior Center & Preschool (Oakland, CA)

$470 LSI 2020 InfoWebsiteFacebook page
Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay High School (Concord, CA)  $470 LSI 2020 InfoWebsite

St. Anthony's Foundation (San Francisco, CA)

 $660 LSI 2020 Info, Website
De Marillac Academy (San Francisco, CA) $660 LSI 2020 InfoWebsiteFacebook page



Estimated costs for DOMESTIC sites = $180 course fee

+ estimated transportation (flight) costs to/from

site; Flight costs are out of pocket, and so will vary

Cathedral High School (El Paso, TX)  $810 LSI 2020 InfoWebsite
De La Salle Blackfeet School (Browning, MT) $755 LSI 2020 InfoWebsiteVideo
John XXIII Educational Center (Racine, WI) $900 LSI 2020 Info, Website
Part of the Solution "POTS" (Bronx, NY) $895 LSI 2020 Info, Website

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Clarify their own beliefs, values, assumptions and attitudes about faith, community and service

  • Reflect critically on how their own attitudes, thoughts, feelings, behavior before, during, and after the LSI experience connect with the course texts

  • Articulate the challenges of the daily lived experience of the poor and other marginalized groups in the United States through texts, personal narratives, and analysis of the social issues they encounter

  • Examine how faith, community, and service can be integral components of meaningful personal and professional lives

  • Demonstrate an increased sense of vocation

  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically and act compassionately with humility to promote a more just world

Division & Core Curriculum Designations:

LSI I is an Upper Division course, and meets the COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and COMMON GOOD requirements of the Core Curriculum


  1. Attendance at an informational meeting (or agreed-upon alternative)
  2. Completion of application form  
  3. Interview
  4. Two references

Mandatory Fall Classes 

  • Fridays during the Fall semester, 1-2:35pm 

More information:

Contact Carrie Davis at

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