Lent Daily Reflections

Lent 2019 - Led By the Spirit 
Daily Reflections

Led By the Spirit


Saint Mary’s College of California invites you to join us in prayer this Lent.  Members from our community (students, staff, faculty, Christian Brothers and alumni) have put together a collection of reflections about COMMITMENTS.  


Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert for 40 days.  During that time, he was confronted with choices and had to make commitments to stay true to God's will.  Coming out of the desert, Jesus had greater clarity, strength and confidence about his life’s purpose.

Will we come out of this Lenten season with a greater sense of our own life’s purpose?  

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In honor of the Lasallian Jubilee year, marking the 300th anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle's entry into eternal life, we draw on the wisdom of our Founder through these words:

"God [guides all things] in imperceptible ways and over a long period of time, so that ONE COMMITMENT led to another in a way that I did not foresee in the beginning."

There is a sense of relief and liberation in focusing on just the commitment that is in front of us - trusting that our current commitment will inform and reveal the next path ahead. The Spirit leads us through the commitments we keep.  

These reflections serve to inspire and help all of us to contemplate on our own commitments this Lent.

Lent is a time of spiritual renewal for many Christians throughout the world.  We take these days to deepen our relationship with God and re-commit ourselves to living and proclaiming the Good News.  All are invited to partake on this journey for personal reflection and enrichment.  This season is a special opportunity for inter-religious and spiritual engagement as we ponder about purpose in life.  Let us encourage and pray for one another - that our spirits may be nourished in this community faith so that we may bring healing and love into our world.  



Jodie Russi
Maddi Larsen
Victor Jaimes


Christian Brothers

Br. Bernie LoCoco
Br. Camillus Chavez
Br. Chris Patiño
Br. Michael Meister


Staff & Faculty

Elliott Haught
Fr. John Morris
Fr. Tom McElligott
Hwa Seong (Christine) Oh
Jessica Stunz
Margaret Kasimatis
Martha White
Maura Wolf
Philip Goodwin
Quang Luu


Adeline Diaz
Cora Campbell
Daniel Araujo
Hadley Peterson
Halen Gamino
Isabel Kent
Kathryn Magee
Kellie DeMaria
Laura Hazen
Lucas Drake
Madison Winn