Info Sessions & FAQs

The Lasallian Service Internship I course will be offered for January Term 2023, with placements at sites in Concord, Oakland, and San Francisco. LSI I fulfills COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and COMMON GOOD core curriculum requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

[Much of the Q & A below reflects Jan Term 2022 information; Updated information for Jan Term 2023 will be provided by August 2022]

Q: When are the LSI I info sessions? 

     A: TBD

Q: When is the LSI application due?

     A: It is best to complete and submit the application in advance of your Jan Term registration date if possible, so that you can be approved to register for the LSI course in time on your registration date. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through early October, or until all spots are filled.

Q: When are the LSI interviews?

     A: You will be prompted to sign up for a 30 minute (max) interview after you submit your application. Interviews begin in September and extend through early October, or until all spots are filled. 

Q: Are travel scholarships available for LSI?

     A: Yes, a LSI I scholarship fund also exists for qualified students who take LSI I - local locations. The same selection criteria for the Jan Term office travel scholarship applies to the LSI I scholarship fund (but no scholarship application is required if ONLY applying to LSI I). 

Q: Does LSI meet any of the Core Curriculum requirements?

     A: Yes, LSI I meets the COMMON GOOD and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT requirements of the Core Curriculum

Q: What should I do if I cannot make it to any of the info sessions?

     A. Contact Carrie Davis (

Q. Are there any fall committments for this course?

     A. Yes, there will be 1-2 informative and preparatory meetings (TBD) during the fall, and some assignments. 

Q: Do I need to be Catholic or religious to take the LSI course?

     A: No, you don't! Students of any or no religious/spiritual backgrounds are most welcome to take LSI. The vast majority of LSI sites, however, are affiliated with religious organizations, and "faith/spirituality/worldview" is one of the themes of the course, so students should be prepared for some references to religion (particularly in the Christian tradition) and to talk about matters of faith/spirituality/worldview as they pertain to the student's own life

Q: Can I still maintain my job during Jan Term if I am at a local LSI site?

     A: That depends. 30+ hours of service per week are required for LSI, and the specific hours vary by site. Check the site reports each of the sites to see the exact hours. Generally, the hours are during "business hours" between 9am-4pm, so if your work hours are outside of that timeframe, it is possible to maintain another job. Be aware that there is an expectation that all LSI students will be available for a dinner together on campus every Wednesday evening during January Term. 

Q. Am I responsible for my own transportation to and from a local LSI site? 

     A. Yes, but in many cases carpools can be worked out. There is a question about your particular transportation needs/resources on the application, and this will also be discussed during the LSI interview

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