The GaelPantry grew out of students' concerns for other students as members of the SMC community in Fall of 2016. It also was created from a larger general reality: food insecurity can hit anyone at any time throughout any phase of life. The GaelPantry is a tangible way that SMC and the MMC are providing better systems of food security on campus. For additional resources, please see SMC's Nutritional Support page.

Summer 2020 hours and location: (May 27th)

The GaelPantry is located, temporarily, in the Mission and Ministry Center Lounge, found to the right of Chapel. It will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 1 until the end of July from 10am to 2pm. 

The GaelPantry is available to all students who live on or off campus.  Please bring your ID with you to the GP open hours. Every student has 10 points a week available to them.  If you need additional food support during the COVID-19 situation, please email the MMC Director, Karin McClelland, at to make arrangements.

New Hours - Summer

Updated Inventory 5/27