Lasallian Rosary for the Month of May

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During the month of May, especially at this time of the pandemic, Pope Francis has encouraged us all to pray the rosary each day. The Mission and Ministry Center at Saint Mary's College invites you to pray the rosary in our Lasallian Tradition, with its Sixth Decade.  We will pray the first five Decades of the Rosary for an end to the pandemic and for the different members of the Saint Mary's College community.  Our sixth decade, traditional to the Brothers, will be said with a special petition for the day in mind. 

You are welcome to pray this rosary alone, or if you prefer to pray virtually with others please see the schedule of below.


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The first five Decades will be prayed each day for the following petitions:

First Decade:   For an end to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and for all who have been affected by it.

Second Decade: For the Students of Saint Mary’s College

Third Decade: For the Faculty, Staff, Administration, and Trustees of Saint Mary’s College

Fourth Decade: For the De La Salle Brothers of Saint Mary’s College

Fifth Decade: For the Alumni and Benefactors of Saint Mary’s College

The Sixth Decade each day will be prayed for a particular intention determined for that day. These were chosen to align with Lasallian and Catholic Feast Days during May, international or national observances, or other needs and groups specific to Saint Mary’s College.




Petition for the 6th Decade


May 1

For all who are essential workers during this time, medical professionals and staff, first-responders, and all who ensure society has bodily needs cared for. (Church Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker)


May 2

For our Country and our States, that Leadership may make prudent decisions during this time. 


May 3

For the Saint Mary's College incoming Class of 2024


May 4

For our Muslim brothers and sisters during Ramadan (Ramadan 2020 – April 23-May23)


May 5

For all who assist in bringing human life into the world. (International Midwives’ Day)


May 6

For all food service workers who have a hand in bringing food to our tables.


May 7

For the Saint Mary's College Class of 2021


May 8

For our Saint Mary's College Community, under the patronage of Mary, Our Lady of the Star. (Lasallian Feast Day — Our Lady of the Star)


May 9

For all artists, musicians, poets, playwrights, and authors.


May 10

For our Mothers, living and deceased, and all other women mentors in our lives. (Mother’s Day)


May 11

For all scientists and those who work in technology.


May 12


May 13

For the elderly in nursing homes and retirement communities. (National Nursing Home Week, May 10-16)


May 14

For all First-Generation college students within our SMC Community, current or alumni


May 15

For the De La Salle Brothers and for all who are discerning the vocation of the Brothers. (Lasallian Feast – Feast of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, “Founder’s Day”)


May 16

For all Lasallian Educators within the Lasallian Family


May 17

For all Nurses and second-line medical personnel. (National Nursing Week, May 12-18)


May 18

For all who are unjustly accused, or imprisoned even in their innocence. (Lasallian Feast – Feast of Blessed Brother Raphael Rafiringa, FSC


May 19

For all victims of racism, and for all human rights activists. (Malcolm X Day)


May 20

For the Saint Mary's College Class of 2023


May 21

For greater understanding and respect among all peoples of diverse backgrounds. (World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development)


May 22

For our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters, and kindred. (Harvey Milk Day)


May 23

For the Graduates of the Saint Mary's College Class of 2020.


May 24

For all the newly baptized or those who are still awaiting their baptism into the Church. (Church Feast of the Ascension of the Lord)


May 25

For all Veterans of our Military, especially those among our current students and alumni. (Memorial Day)


May 26

For all Transfer Students within the SMC Community


May 27

For all with chronic conditions or illnesses. (World MS Day)


May 28

For all children around the world, especially those in harm’s way


May 29 those suffering with mental illness, especially depression or anxiety during this time.


May 30

For Pope Francis and all who call our Church to conformity with the Gospel. (Church Feast of Saint Joan of Arc)


May 31

For an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit upon us to lift our hearts and minds. (Pentecost)