De La Salle Week

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image of colorful, mosaic dove over watermark of world maptext: Join Lasallians worldwide in celebrating LASALLIANS WITHOUT LIMITS , Lasallian theme for the 2017-2017 liturgical year


De La Salle Week is a weeklong event for Saint Mary’s students, Christian Brothers, faculty and staff to increase awareness, deepen understanding, and celebrate the life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle (1651–1719), founder of the Christian Brothers, and our Lasallian heritage and mission.

This annual program includes opportunities for community building, education, service, celebration and recognition. Organized by the Mission & Ministry Center, the Office of Mission and a wide coalition of programs, departments and student leaders, De La Salle Week celebrates a Lasallian identity that spans more than 350 years and currently includes 1,000,000 students, 75,000 men and women, and 6,000 Christian Brothers in over 80 countries. Come join us as we proudly celebrate our Lasallian Heritage and Mission!

For more information, contact the Office of Mission at (925) 631-4406 or the Mission and Ministry Center at (925) 631-4366