De La Salle Week 2015 Theme

De La Salle Week 2015

“The Work is Yours” is the theme for De La Salle Week 2015.  The phrase "The Work is Yours" is an adaptation of a popular quote from Saint John Baptist de La Salle: "God has chosen you to do his work" (from Meditations for the Time of Retreat 4.1).  This phrase is also the title of a biography of De La Salle's life: "The Work is Yours: The Life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle", written by Brother Luke Salm, FSC.

The theme resonates with us as Lasallians worldwide continue God's work and the work of De La Salle in the world today. The continuing work of the Lasallian mission - service to and education of the poor, stemming from a faith-based foundation - is shared by the De La Salle Christian Brothers and by their lay partners.  The work truly is ours!