As a Catholic institution rooted in the teachings of John Baptist De la Salle, our lives act as an example of lifelong education and commitment to social justice.  An immersion trip offers opportunities for greater learning through experiential-based programs that engage students with the richness of the Lasallian and Catholic tradition to foster faith and solidarity. All three immersions--Salinas, San Diego/Tijuana, and Los Angeles--offer cultural, educational, and spiritually-driven opportunities for students to discover how their own liberation is bound up with other’s liberation (solidarity).   

MMC Involvement Fair Immersions

Each immersion expands students’ experience with solidarity in the following ways:

  • Educationally: participants will examine the various social factors through a variety of perspectives, histories, and realities.
  • Culturally: participants will increase their awareness, engagement, and humility in the culture of their respective immersion.
  • Spiritually: participants will explore a culture of spirituality through conversations on faith and values with their peers and within the respective immersion communities.
  • Relevant Social Justice issues: applying Catholic Social Teaching and other social justice theories to examine food justice (Salinas), immigration (San Diego / Tijuana), and homeless youth (Los Angeles). 


Here is what previous immersion participants have said:

“Service is a way to express the importance of human life. It is never for “saving” someone, but rather meeting someone how they want to be met.”

“I have realized human interaction is solely based on open-mindedness and love. It is so human to love…”

“I actually wanted more...”

“Happiest I have been during my time at Saint Mary’s”

“[It was great] talking to people who are exactly like us...but find themselves in different situations with no control over them”

Articles on Immersions:

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