Salinas Immersion 2018 (The Human Cost Of Food)

The Salinas Immersion is about spending mid-semester break in Salinas CA, just outside Monterey, to explore more about the issues of food safety, medical, and human right issues from people who feed us everyday. Salinas has some of the most fertile soil in the country and is home of much of our produce. Our hope is to have a transformative educational experience that instills a greater sense of complexity of food issues, immigration in CA as well as the US, and the efforts of those on the ground working to push forward social justice.





Here is a blurb from a previous student:

“Salinas was the very first immersion trip I went on at SMC and it was a very personable, challenging, and eye opening experience to area that's our backyard but is arguably a different world. One of the main reasons Salinas stands out in my mind among service trips is that it is a program that combines both the physical and intellectual aspects of service and social justice to create a wholesome and "immersed" experience. We aren't going to Salinas to watch people pick crops and observe migrant camps and then call it an eye opening experience with the food industry. We are going to Salinas to understand the human element of the food industry from all aspects and to asses the human cost of the fertile Salinas valley. We'll be discussing why migrants get paid by the pound rather than minimum wage (which is $9) and then working a couple of days right alongside them (get ready to get dirty). We'll explore medical clinics and migrant camps and live a lifestyle in tandem with the people who call this place home. There are many hands that get our daily food from the ground to the table and it’s about time we actually got to shake them and thank them for it.”


When: October 19-21, 2018

How much: $75

Application due: 9/25/2018

If you are accepted, there will be training meetings in late Sept and early Oct. The time for those meetings will be determined by the group schedule. Usually they take place in the mid/late evenings (7 or 8 ish).

Questions? Email Nick van Santen: or call 925-631-4075

Or you can stop by the Mission and Ministry right next to the Chapel!

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