Student Leadership

The Mission and Ministry Center vision focuses on providing spaces and places where all can explore their faith and questions of human existence, as well as deepen their understanding of & relationship with God; and forming students as leaders in a complex world in great need of visible and radical witnesses of love and solidarity.



Mission and Ministry Center staff and student leaders support the Catholic, Lasallian identity in the context of a liberal arts education through the promotion and animation of the five Lasallian core principles: Faith in the Presence of God, Concern for the Poor and Social Justice, Quality Education, Inclusive Community, and Respect for All Persons. The Center welcomes and serves students of ALL faith traditions who are seeking deeper understanding and expression of their faith and relationship with God.  

Our student leaders animate the MMC vision alongside professional staff to give bring life and expression to our Lasallian core principles through mindful presence, impactful programs, and collaborative campus relationships. Although student leadership takes different forms, our student leaders accompany their peers in their journey to grow and examine the deep questions of faith and values.

Student Leadership Positions 

Lasallian Peer Ministers (LPMs)

LPM's work in these core areas within the MMC:

  1. Liturgies
  2. Prayer and Faith Formation
  3. Interfaith Events 
  4. Multicultural Events
  5. Lasallian Service Internships (LSI)
  6. Immersions
  7. Fair Trade Initiatives
  8. Publicity and Communications
  9. Lasallian Education
  10. Retreats
  11. Social Justice Education and Promotion

LPM positions are paid student leadership opportunities

Contact Nick van Santen: [email protected]

Community Leaders

Each Community is led by two Community Leaders who help foster the development of the intentional community. These positions receive educational scholarships. 

Intentional Living and Learning Communities:

Contact Pamela Thomas (Lasallian Community) [email protected]

Contact Nick van Santen (Santiago Community) [email protected]

Liturgical Ministers

All students are welcome to serve at the 8 PM Sunday Student Mass, as well as special feast day celebrations

We need Greeters/Ushers, Sacristans, Singers/Musicians, Acolytes (alter servers), Lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers (this last particular ministry is reserved for Confirmed Catholics)

We welcome you and hope you consider trying a new ministry!

Contact Fr. Hai Ho, OFMCap: [email protected]

To join the choir, contact Maria Calderazzo: [email protected]

Other Leadership Opportunities

There are also opportunities for students to plan certain events with their peers. This is a great avenue for students who may not have the ability to commit to a full-time student leader position, but still want to lead and promote faith-based and social justice programs! Some of the positions also include a stipend.

Examples of these opportunities:

Contact Nick van Santen: [email protected]


*For any further information regarding student leadership, contact Nick van Santen at [email protected]

Student Leader Applications 2017-2018 are due March 19th!