Montessori Education

The Mission of the Montessori Teacher Education Program is to prepare agents of social change who are caring, competent, and inspired teachers and administrators in the Montessori Method, who will work effectively with a diverse population of children from ages 2 years through 12 years and their families, and become agents of positive social change.

Maria Montessori was a physician, educator, developmental theorist and social activist who was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize for her activism and for her work in education.  Many of her innovations are now common practice in schools everywhere.  Montessori dedicated her life to the advancement of peace and humanistic principles.  Among her cherished beliefs was the idea that without respect for the individuality and uniqueness of each child it is impossible for that child to fulfill his or her potential.

"When looking at different education programs in the Bay Area, I attended an informational session on the Montessori program at Saint Mary's College. It was clear after that meeting that the faculty had expertise, experience and passion. Another strong attraction as I was getting my teaching credential was the option to continue on to the Master's in Montessori Early Childhood Education. The curriculum of the Montessori Early Childhood Program is very well-designed. It leads very logically from introducing the theory, to practical exercises in teaching, to the intern phase. The overall structure allowed me to work full-time while still progressing toward my degree. ...My education at Saint Mary's has led me directly into the professional path I was seeking. I'm teaching full-time..., and planning the next steps in my career."  

- Erin Hennigan, Graduate of the Kalmanovitz School  of Education Montessori Program and winner of the American Montessori Society's annual thesis and dissertation contest. Hennigan is Director of Instruction at Urban Montessori School in Oakland.

The following degrees and certificates are offered in the Montessori Education Program: