Liberal Studies Minor


Saint Mary’s College undergraduate students may elect to take courses offered by the Montessori Education Program to complete a Liberal Studies Minor in Montessori Thought. Graduates of Saint Mary's undergraduate program may continue their Montessori education, including participation in a paid internship and completion of curriculum requirements to earn the American Montessori Society Early Childhood or Elementary Credential and a Master’s degree in Montessori Education.

Students must meet with their advisor and with the Montessori Education Program Coordinator as early in their academic career as possible. Undergraduate students who think they might be interested in teaching as a career may take courses in the Kalmanovitz School of Education with the permission of their advisor and the course instructor.

Required Course Early Childhood Education Focus

In addition to the general liberal studies requirements, including EDUC 119 and EDUC 144 (Cognitive Development), the Minor requires 3 courses and .5 credit (undergraduate courses are measured in credits; graduate courses are measured in units) course from the list of electives.

Required Credits (3)

  • MONT 161 - Montessori Philosophy in a Cultural Context, 1 credit
  • ECE 163 - Mathematics: Conceptual Learning, 1 credit
  • ECE 164 - Language and Reading Development, 1 credit

Electives (one .5 credit required for Minor)

  • ECE 131 - Positive Discipline and Classroom Management, .5 credits
  • ECE 159 - Practical Life Curriculum, .5 credits
  • ECE 160 - Conceptual Curriculum, .5 credits
  • ECE 166 - Study of the Sciences, 1 credit
  • ECE 167 - Creative Arts I, .25 credits
  • ECE 168 - Creative Arts II, .25 credits
  • MONT 111 - Field Observation and Seminars I, .25 credits
  • MONT 112 - Field Observation and Seminars II, .25 credits