Hi, I'm Morganne and This is What My MS in Management & Technology Looks Like

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MS in Management & Technology

Morganne Whaley, '20

Currently: Admissions Officer at Saint Mary's College 
Campus: Moraga

  Saint Mary's College of California Best Regional Universities West US News Ranking


"I am not the same person as when I first started at Saint Mary’s, and I think that speaks volumes to the programs I have been a part of and the school as a whole."


My name is Morganne Whaley. I am a first-generation, self-supported student, double Undergrad Alum (BS in Psychology & BA in Communication), and curently enrolled on the MS in Management & Technology Program (MSMT). 

  • Why did you choose Saint Mary's College?

I attended Saint Mary's as an undergraduate transfer student and got to experience small class sizes, creating close connections with faculty, I was able to easily access campus resources and had an array of unique opportunities. The sense of community and support that I experienced really helped me grow into the person I am today. I chose the Masters in Management and Technology program to develop my business and technology skills, while at the same time having access to mentors and networking opportunities that would give me an edge on the competition.

  • How do you balance school and work?

To be honest, it's far from easy. As a self-supported student, I face major obstacles in continuing my education. During my undergraduate and now my graduate studies I have held a 40hr/week job, along with side jobs, in order to cover my tuition and learning expenses. On top of that, I have been involved in an array of on-campus organizations, clubs and taken on a number of leadership positions. As an undergraduate student, I worked as the Event Coordinator for the Student Ambassadors, and that experience led me to take on the role as the class representative for my MSMT cohort group. I feel as though this program will be incredibly beneficial to my future career aspirations and helping me become a more well-rounded individual. I would have to say that the key to my success is overall time management skills, not being hyper-critical of myself, pure self-determination, unwavering faith, extreme organization and surrounding myself with people who support me.

  • What is the most valuable thing you learned in Grad School?

Through a process of self-growth and self-reflection, I learned to find my voice, to be more confident in my abilities, and to develop my leadership skills. 

  • How has attending Grad School benefitted your personal and professional growth?

I think attending graduate school has benefitted me tremendously. Personally, it has increased my self-confidence, helped me find my niche in the community and has developed my interpersonal skills. Professionally, I have learned to become a dynamic leader, how to balance professional and academic growth and how to advocate for myself in a work environment.

  • What advice would you give someone considering grad school/currently enrolled in grad school?

I would encourage them to believe in themselves, we are always our own worst critic! In some circumstances the only obstacle we face on our road to success is self-doubt. I would encourage them to take a leap of faith, to believe in themselves and strive for their goals.

  • Did you take advantage of career services, executive speaker series, executive coaching or other career development related services?

I took advantage of the executive speaker series, career services, and executive coaching opportunities to ensure that I am as prepared as possible when I graduate from the program. I have also had two significant mentoring experiences - one resulted in an internship at a non-profit in Oakland where I helped organize a major fundraising event that was hosted at Twitter. It has been incredibly advantageous and encouraging to have their support and willingness to offer advice and guidance at such an early stage in my professional career.