Multiple Subject (Elementary Education) Program

The Multiple Subject (Elementary Education) Program has a Summer or January Term start. Credential completers may continue in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program during the Summer Term.

Graduates of this 36-unit, one year, full-time (part-time option available) credential program and 8-unit master's program emerge as highly competent professionals who are effective teachers in grades K-8 in public and private schools as well as leaders in their schools and districts.

The program of study includes highly qualified professors, who are effective educational leaders, and practitioners, both of whom collaborate to support the professional growth of the candidates. The curriculum is aligned with and incorporates the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. The coursework includes supervised teaching placements in culturally and socioeconomically diverse settings. Both experienced master teachers and knowledgeable college supervisors support the candidates during their placements.

"I feel extremely grateful for my education at Saint Mary's. My first year of teaching was one of my most exciting and fulfilling years. This success was possible due to the materials and the knowledge that I collected during my time at Saint Mary's. My relationships with my professors and my classmates modeled so well the kind of community I strive for in my classroom." - Program Graduate

 Note: The federal government publishes an annual report regarding all teacher preparation programs in the U.S., including information on pass rates on required exams. KSOE results can be found here.