Learning Outcomes

The Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential/MAT Program is focused on developing highly competent professionals who are effective teachers in grades K-8 in public and private schools and districts.

MSTE classroom

All courses incorporate the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Teacher Performance Expectations adopted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Specific learning outcomes include the following:

  • Teach the state-adopted academic content standards for their respective subjects;
  • Use progress monitoring to determine whether students are progressing adequately;
  • Understand and use informal, formal, formative and summative assessments;
  • Incorporate specific strategies, instructional activities, procedures and experiences that address state-adopted academic content standards;
  • Clearly communicate instructional objectives to students;
  • Use developmentally appropriate teaching practices;
  • Understand and apply pedagogical theories, principles, and instructional practices for comprehensive instruction of English learners;
  • Understand patterns of child and adolescent development;
  • Plan instruction that is comprehensive in relation to the subject matter and in accordance with state-adopted academic content standards;
  • Maximize student achievement;
  • Develop and maintain clear expectations for academic and social behavior;
  • Take responsibility for student learning outcomes; and
  • Evaluate their own teaching practices and subject matter knowledge.