Student teachers must obtain and submit copies of four clearances before the first week of the semester in which they take daily student teaching (ST II). These clearances include:
  • Must meet the Standard 19 assessment criteria
  • Must meet the CTC clearance process (moral fitness) -
  • Verification of a valid TB test (Health and Wellness Center, Augustine Hall)
  • Pass CBEST and be subject matter competent -
  • Clearance CSET -
  • Must meet with the Credential Analyst
  • Demonstrate competency in the TPEs (Teacher Performance Expectations)
  • Must have a passing score on the PACT (Performance Assessment for California Teachers)

If you do not submit these clearances by the first week of the semester in which you are scheduled to take MSTE 320/330 (ST II/III) you will not be allowed to complete the required placement.