Field Experience & Methods for English Learners

This course emphasizes the practice of methods and materials for teaching English learners and requires that the candidate be in an ELD or English Immersion classroom, in a school that is low performing or hard to staff.  The candidate will participate in 50 hours of direct instruction over a period of 3-4 weeks, including 3 consecutive days of planning and instruction in collaboration with the master teacher.  The candidate will teach two ELD lessons and one "Sheltered" (SDAIE) content lesson.  A Saint Mary's College Supervisor will visit 3 times.  This course is for candidates who have been employed in a private school or in a public school setting and wish to earn a Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential.


The candidate must have completed all of the courses in the credential program with a passing grade and been enrolled in MSTE 330. (For employed candidates only)