Supervised Teaching II

The candidate is in a self-contained English Language Immersion classroom for 4 full days a week for 14 weeks.  Candidates complete assignments for their curriculum courses and move through a continuum of observation, small group and whole class instruction.  Candidates are expected to observe and practice instruction in English as a Second Language/English Language Development (ESL/ELD) and several “Sheltered” (SDAIE) content lessons.  The college supervisor observes a minimum of 6 times during the placement and the candidate completes 10 consecutive days of planning and instruction in collaboration with the master teacher.  The candidate teaches lessons sequentially in each content area before the take-over.  The master teacher, candidate and college supervisor determine other responsibilities.  This is a 3-unit field experience.


The candidate must have completed the following courses with a passing grade:

MSTE 212 Learning and Development in a Multicultural Society
MSTE 253 Reading and Language Arts I
MSTE 310 Supervised Teaching I
MSTE 317 Introduction to Field Experience
MSTE 318 Teaching Diverse Learners
MSTE 345 Curriculum and Instruction: Social Studies
MSTE 350 Mathematics
MSTE 240 PACT Practicum