National Catholic Reporter Spotlights Mission & Ministry's Sr. Jodi Min, Pamela Thomas

Okay, full disclosure here, Porsia Tunzi '12, the writer of the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) article "Campus ministers help graduates transition into the 'real world'," is a recent graduate of Saint Mary's. Even so, the tightly written NCR story about how campus ministries assist graduating students transition to life after college is an obvious example of well crafted journalism, that not only presents important perspectives from Santa Clara's director of campus ministry, it also happens to prominently showcase two of the Mission and Ministry Center's own, Sr. Jodi Min O.P. and Pamela Thomas, who offer thoughtful insights on preparing SMC students for the real world.  Read the NCR article "Campus ministers help graduates transition into the 'real world'."

Date of Mention: 
Thursday, May 24, 2012