A Bevy of New Electronic Databases from the SMC Library

Greetings SMC community, and welcome back to campus - we hope you all experienced your fair share of tryptophan, holiday cheer, and large, helmeted men pummeling each other mercilessly over possession of an oddly shaped ball. This is to inform you of new academic database offerings that have come online in recent months. We'll be making a concerted effort to keep the SMC community thoroughly informed about such new offerings moving forward. And now! Behold, the new databases!

  • Multisearch is an easy and fast one-stop shopping solution for searching our holdings. You can use a single search box to hunt through nearly all of our information resources, including Albert, Web of Science, Project Muse and more.
  • Business Source Premier is all business, and very premier. It has resources for all of the business disciplines, and it's also the exclusive channel for accessing full text of Harvard Business Review. 
  • Cabell's Business Directories will provide a detailed overview of the business journal publishing climate, including information such as the percentage of article submissions that have been accepted for publication.
  • Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism is a cornucopia of full-text information on individual critics, theorists, movement, and innovations in the field of literary theory and criticism. 
  • Cambridge Histories Online brings you the renowned Cambridge Histories series. Get instant access to (and possibly instant gratification from) its 80+ texts, including those covering American, British, Economic, Scientific, Political, Religious, and Art History. 
  • Oxford Biblical Studies Online provides a wealth of resources for the study of the Bible and biblical history, with content from sources like Access Bible, Catholic Study Bible, the New American Bible Concise Concordance, and more.
  • Other new holdings include Annual Reviews Back File, Acta Sanctorum, Patrologia Latina, SAGE Handbooks (2009-2011 titles), and (because you can never have too many databases with "Oxford" in the title) Oxford Language Dictionaries.

As always, you'll find a complete list of our electronic resources at our A-Z database list. More new electronic resources are on the way, so look for another missive about those sometime in January. Until then, feel free to contact Electronic Resources Manager Mike Jung with suggestions for new databases, or for functional issues with current databases.