New Leadership for the Alumni Board

aGetting graduate alumni more involved in Saint Mary’s will be a key focus of the Alumni Board for the next two years, under the leadership of J.P. Musgrove ’07, the board’s new president.

For the first time, under his leadership, the Alumni Board has put together a two-year strategic plan, which will be concentrating on improving the work of its various committees and putting extra effort into its newly established graduate alumni committee.

“Much of our focus this year is to reach out to graduate alumni, because we haven’t done a good enough job at that in years past,” he said. “The goal is to engage graduate alumni in a way that is meaningful.”

Another goal is to better employ technology in dealings with alumni. “One of our biggest challenges is figuring out how we can best find creative resources, systems and tools to reach a demographic of folks who pretty much conduct their entire life online—and those who don’t,” he said.

Musgrove, a baseball player while at Saint Mary’s, was recruited for the board after he and his wife, Rebecca, launched a nonprofit to provide financial literacy to campus athletes in order to help them realize financially successful lives.

His dedication to Saint Mary’s is amazing, according to Chris Carter ’97, MA ’02. “It blows my mind how much energy J.P. has. He’s given more of his time to the college than anyone else I’ve seen in a long time,” Carter said. “It’s not just about helping the school out, but it’s also about improving the experience for our alums, and really helping to strengthen that connection between the alumni and the college.”

Although much effort focuses on the alumni, in the end, it’s really about the students, as far as Musgrove is concerned. “We’re here to better the lives of the students. What we want and what we desire is that, when we leave the board, the legacy we leave behind is that the students will have a much richer experience than we had,” he said. “We want to provide them with all the tools, the resources and the skills to go out and be world changers.”