Saint Mary's is always ready for a close up. If you're with the media and need an expert source or a great place to shoot a film, give the Office of Marketing and Communications a call.

Media Contact

To coordinate on-campus interviews and filming, all news media, motion picture or commercial producers or their representatives should contact:

Ben Enos
Director of Media Relations
Office: (925) 631-4222

Visiting Media Guidlines

Because Saint Mary’s College is a private institution and the academic experience of out students is our priority, the Office of College Communications serves as the resident traffic cop for visiting media representatives, providing access to the campus and working out details for media parking.

Scheduling Interviews

If you've scheduled an interview with a faculty member, visiting speaker or an SMC student, please contact College Communications first to facilitate access. We ask this of all visiting media, including traditional print and broadcast news outlets, social media reporters, bloggers, commercial photographers, online news publications and other non-SMC media entities.

Commercial entities

Commercial entities (motion pictures, non-news television programs, advertising agencies and photographers) will need to receive written authorization, show proof of appropriate insurance coverage and be required to pay location and other applicable fees to film on campus.

Remote Controlled Aircraft

The use of remote-controlled aircraft is generally prohibited on and above the property of the College except by campus affiliates over open hills or fields such as the sports fields. This includes the use of what are commonly referred to a “drones”. The use of cameras on these vehicles to look into buildings is prohibited. As is always the case, disruptions of the academic or business functions of the College are not allowed. Exceptions for non-affiliates must be authorized in writing through the Office of College Communications, as the use of the aerial photography typically associated with these devices is an extension of the visiting media policy.