Brother Ronald Shares Message from the 2010 Montini Fellow

I would like to share with the Saint Mary's community the wonderful letter I received from Father John Haughey, SJ, this year's Montini Fellow, who spoke on campus on October 12:

Dear Brother Ron,

One month ago, I arrived at St. Mary's. Beginning that Monday night and for the rest of the week I had an experience of goodness that is still vivid to me. Behind the abstract term goodness are some twenty names and even more faces that I can summon up and re-enjoy. I imagine other Montini Fellows would say the same thing, but I want to register my appreciation mit gusto. Your culture is so inviting and unassuming and full of intelligence.

Thank you for having made this fellowship possible for me and others. May God bless you and your co-laborers in your work and their work for the Glory of God! If your campus does not experience the smile that I imagine God has when looking at and operating in you et al. that would be a shame.


John Haughey, SJ