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  • Ph. D. Economics Purdue University, August 1974
    Fields of Concentration: Public Finance, Economic History, Decision Theory
  • M.S. Economics Purdue University, January 1972
  • B.A. Economics Brigham Young University, May 1969
    Minor: Mathematics

Professional Experience

Professional Experience:

  • Economist - Antitrust Division, United States Department of Justice, San Francisco Field Office (1976 - 2012)

Teaching Experience:

  • Professor - Saint Mary's College, Graduate Business Programs, School of Economics (1992 - Present)
    Courses Taught:
    Principles of Macroeconomics
    Principles of Microeconomics
    Macroeconomic Theory
    Microeconomic Theory
    Economic History of the United States
    Money, Credit and Banking
    Public Finance
    Labor Economics
    Comparative Economic Systems
    International Economics
    Development of Economic Thought
    Production Operations Management
    Ethical, Social & Political Issues in Business
    Business and Society

    Greek Thought
    Roman, Early Christian, & Medieval Thought
    Renaissance 17th & 18th Century Thought
    19th & 20th Century Thought


Department of Justice

  • Analytical Memoranda and Briefings, Testimony. Bodily, Jerry
    Numerous internal Department of Justice analytical memoranda and briefings, and testimony before grand and petit juries on the economics of business actions, 1974 - present

Saint Mary's College Community

  • Financing Antitrust Enforcement Through Hart-Scott-Rodino Filing Fees. Bodily, Jerry
    (December 03, 2010)

Honors, Awards & Grants

  • Outstanding Performance - Antitrust Division, United States Department of Justice, San Francisco Field Office
    Numerous commendations and awards from 1974-present