CatherineMarie Davalos


Professional Overview: 

CatherineMarie Davalos
Modern Dance, Choreography, Dance History, Dance Criticism and Analysis

CatherineMarie Davalos is a Chicana choreographer.  Her work emerges from her Mexican voice and the constant rediscovery of identity.  Davalos makes dances that question heteronormativity using a feminist, Latina, and Chicana perspective.  Her dances are often multilayered crossing many borders while delving into the coalescence and contradictions of being a Chicana and what she calls a “Mexican American Princess.” Even though her family is educated and born in the USA, growing up in California with brown skin makes you both invisible and the target.

Davalos seeks collaborative artists who have an interest in the same aesthetic arena.  She is interested in diversity rather than uniformity.  Her company consists of nonconforming bodies, races, and sexual identities.  These people inform her work.  Davalos continues to serve the Latino community by making dances that speak from a different voice and move through a different lens.  Due to her art and activism, Davalos was named one of ten international artists in Artist OF NOTE: The Immigrant Issue, Spring 2014. 

The Davalos Dance Company has been presented at various venues across the country since its inception in 1994.  Recently the Davalos Dance Company created a partnership with the City of Panicale in Italy. They performed their site-specific work Oh the MOON! in July 2016 and will return in 2018 to perform and curate a dance festival for the region titled Radical Acts of Love.  The Davalos Dance Company has been presented at the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers and is a founding member of the organization. Davalos has also created work for the Latin Ballet of Virginia under the direction of Ana Ines King. Her full-evening work Volver received numerous grants including one from the National Endowment for the Arts.  CatherineMarie Davalos and the Davalos Dance Company have also been presented at various Bay Area venues and festivals including CounterPulse, ODC, the San Francisco International Arts Festival and Dance Mission for Women on the Way. They have be
 en honor
 ed with the generous support of the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Faculty Development Office of Saint Mary’s College of California. Their work has been praised in the Richmond Times-Dispatch,, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post.  

Professor Davalos is the Director of Dance at Saint Mary’s College of California which includes a traditional undergraduate program for young dancers, an undergraduate program for professional dancers known as LEAP, and a graduate division which offers an MFA in Dance: Creative Practice, and an MFA in Dance: Design and Production. 

She has been at Saint Mary’s since 1997 when she was hired to develop the dance program.  In 2010, the Saint Mary’s College Dance Company received national recognition when they were invited through adjudication to perform at the Kennedy Center for the National College Dance Festival.  Ms. Davalos received a BA in Philosophy and Dance and an MFA in Dance from CSU, Long Beach, where she was honored with the title “Most Outstanding Graduate for the College of the Arts.”

School of Liberal Arts » Master of Fine Arts in Dance
School of Liberal Arts » Performing Arts: Music, Dance and Theatre
School of Liberal Arts » Performing Arts: Dance
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Brother Cornelius Art Center 2B

Phone: 925-631-4824



Saint Mary's College

Performing Arts

Box 4268

Moraga, CA 94575


  • M.F.A. Dance, CSULB, May 1995
    Most Outstanding Graduate for the College of the Arts
  • B.A. Philosophy and Dance, California State University, Long Beach, 1985

Professional Experience

Professional Experience:

  • Faculty at the Dance Center - CSULB (1995 - 1997)
    She taught Beginning Modern Dance Technique, Dance Orientation, Dance Production, Viewing Dance, and was Co-Director of the Community Dance Project.
  • Artistic Director - Saint Mary's College Dance Company
    This student group is comprised on majors and minors in dance. They perform 3-7 times during the school year both off and on campus. The Company is also supported by an Apprentice Company that will perform 3 times during the school year. Upon graduation, many of her students have become members of professional dance companies in the Bay Area.
  • Artistic Director - Davalos Dance Company
    The Davalos Dance Company has been praised by the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Bay Gaurdian, and Dance View Times. Davalos has been nominated for the Dance Magazine Choreographer of the Year for her duet "Doblez" which performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. She is also an active member of the Bay Area dance community showing her work in many local dance festivals throughout the year. Davalos graduated with an MFA in Choreography and Performance from California State University, Long Beach. She was awarded the title "Most Outstanding Graduate of the College of the Arts."

Courses Taught

Recently Taught:

  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Modern Dance
  • Choreography
  • Collegiate Seminar
  • Dance History I
  • Dance History II
  • Dance in Performance
  • Dance Production
  • Laban and Bartenieff Movement Studies
  • Perceiving the Performing Arts


elected committees :

  • UEPC
    (August 01, 2010 - 2012)
  • Collegiate Seminar Governing Board
    (August 01, 2004 - 2012)


CatherineMarie Davalos, choreographer for the Davalos Dance Company

  • Radical Acts of Love tour. Radical Acts of Love is a site-specific dance-theatre work conceived and directed by CatherineMarie Davalos. It is a call to action in the midst of hatred and violence. The company is interested in creating safe dancing spaces in which interactions for rehearsal and performance become a vehicle for dialogue and change. The dance is set to poetry, spoken word, and music created and performed by local collaborators with the common thematic material of love. Since the Davalos Dance Company (DDC) is an intersectional group of artists representing the Latina/o, Jewish, Palestinian and queer communities, their work questions heteronormativity and asks us to examine privilege, power dynamics and social constructs. We seek to partner with others for constructive social change. The performances will all be free and open to the public. Preview Performance March 2018, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center; West Coast Premiere, June 2018, Oakland, CA; International Premiere, July 2018, Panicale, Italy
  • Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, new excerpts from "Radical Acts of Love." Dance Mission, San Francisco, CA, November  2017.
  • Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, new excerpts from “Son.” Dance Mission, San Francisco, CA, December 2016.
  • Davalos Dance Company Tour of Northern Italy “Oh the MOON!” an evening-length work performed as a walking tour with live music composed by David Franklin, Panicale, Italy, July 2016
  • “Venezia” a dance film in collaboration with David Gaylord, Venice, Italy, July 2016.
  • Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, new excerpts from “Oh the MOON!” Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco, CA, September 2015.
  • San Francisco International Arts Festival, excerpts from “Oh the MOON!” Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, June 2015.
  • Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, excerpts from “Volver.” Temescal Art Center, Oakland, CA, October 2014.
  • A Wintry Mix. CounterPULSE. (January 2012)
    A Wintry Mix was a body of work that explored being the invisible American. Preview can be seen in the SF Chronicle.
  • Who Is She?. San Francisco International Arts Festival. (May 2010)
    A new work co-choreographed and performed by SMC dance faculty Rosana Barragan, CatherineMarie Davalos, Dana Lee Lawton, and Jia Wu. "Who is She?" is a 30- minute dance quartet exploring feminine myths of female icons in literature (Lysistrata, Sappho), music (Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday), dance (Twyla Tharp, Martha Graham) and culture (The Virgin Mary, Marilyn Monroe). Original music composed by EJ Youngblood.
  • Six Questions. (February 2009)
    Davalos Dance Company 14th season, Six Questions, with all music composed by Martin Rokeach, performed live, ODC Dance Commons, San Francisco, CA, February 2009.
  • Terrain. Centrum Center for the Arts. (August 2008)
    Bill Evans and Friends, premiered Terrain (duet), Centrum Center for the Arts, Port Townsend, WA, August, 2008.
  • Finding Equal. Vision Series. (December 2007)
    Vision Series, Finding Equal (quartet), produced by SFDance Repertory, Cowell Theater, San Francisco, CA, December 2007.
  • Borders, Spaces, and Brown-eyed Girls. MALCS Summer Institute and Conference. (August 2007)
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, MALCS Summer Institute and Conference, Borders, Spaces, and Brown-Eyed Girls (30 minute solo version), St. Paul, MN, August 2007.
  • Blue Monkeys. Raw and Uncut. (July 2006)
    Raw and Uncut, premiered Blue Monkeys, Footloose Dance Studio, San Francisco, CA, July 2006.
  • Dreams Suite. Women on the Way. (January 2006)
    Women on the Way Festival, premiered Dreams Suite, a full evening work with eight dancers, Dance Mission, San Francisco, CA, January 2006.
  • Shatter, Mend, Scatter, Bend. West Wave Dance Festival and Summerfest/Dance. (July 2005)
    West Wave Dance Festival and Summerfest/Dance, premiered Shatter, Mend, Scatter, Bend (quartet), ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA, July 2005.
  • my soul is very brown, and so is my skin.... Dance IS. (March 2005)
    Dance IS Festival, my soul is very brown, and so is my skin... (quartet), Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, Berkeley, CA, March 2005.
  • Sacral Queens, Latinas, and Dreams. ODC. (January 2005)
    Davalos Dance Company 10th Anniversary Concert Sacral Queens, Latinas, and Dreams, ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA, January 2005.
  • Aguas Calientes. Women of the World Festival. (January 2005)
    Women of the World Festival, Aguas Calientes (trio), Dance Mission, San Francisco, CA, January 2005.

Selected Conference Presentations and Panels


Master Teacher, West Region, American College Dance Festival, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ, March 2018. Four presentations: Modern Dance for students: Contemporary Dance: Integrating Technique and Expression; Faculty only class, Modern Dance; Choreography class: Choreography from A to Z, Panel: Dance Skills are Life Skills or What do I do with a major in Dance?


Presentation: Moving, Feeling, Generating: the Davalos Dance Company as Site of Chicana Feminist Praxis, Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social, 2017 Summer Institute. Sonoma State University, July 2017.


Master Teacher, West Region, American College Dance Association, Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA, March 2017.


Master Teacher, West Region, American College Dance Association, Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ, March 2016.


Honors, Awards & Grants


Elected Positions:

  • Zellerbach Community Arts Grant Panelist (2017-2020)
  • Southwest Regional Director - American College Dance Festival Association (January 2010)
    Southwest Regional Director, 2009-2012 Duties of the RD include: locating prospective sites and conference coordinators, developing a five-year plan for rotation of conference sites, establishing a Regional Planning Committee with a representative from each state in the region (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada), providing ongoing support to the Host Conference School and attending the Southwest Regional Conference of the American College Dance Festival, annual board meeting and the biannual National College Dance Festival.
  • Southwest Region Board Representative - American College Dance Festival Association (November 2009)
    ACDFA, American College Dance Festival Association. This organization promotes dance education at the college and professional level through annual conference, a national festival, and meetings. 2003-2006, 2006-2009 Southwest Region Board Representative




    • Certified Bill Evans Teacher in Pedagogy and Somatic Movement Studies 2013. 


    • National Endowment for the Arts - (November 2011)
      Awarded an NEA grant for the development of a new work in collaboration with the Latin Ballet of Virginia. The dance, titled "Volver" will tour the south and Mexico.
    • Community Arts Grant - Zellerbach Family Fund (November 2005)
      Zellerbach Community Arts Grant with funding from the Zellerbach Family Fund and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, for Dreams Suite, an evening of work presented at the Women on the Way Festival, Dance Mission, San Francisco, January 2006.


    Scholarly Interests: 


    • Dance
      Trains as a dancer all over the country, including: Durham, NC at the American Dance Festival; Dance Centre Seattle, Seattle WA; Limon West Dance Project's Summer Dance Workshop in San Jose CA; San Francisco Dance Center, San Francisco CA; and Shawl /Anderson Dance Studio in Berkeley CA.