Michael P Marchetti


Professional Overview: 

Dr. Michael P. Marchetti has degrees from Bucknell University (Biology & Chemistry 1990) and the University of California, Davis (M.S. Ecology 1994 and Ph.D. Ecology 1999).  Currently he is the Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair of Biology at St Marys College of California.  Prior to St. Marys, Dr. Marchetti was a full professor at California State University Chico for eleven years. 

Dr. Marchetti has over 28 years experience studying aquatic ecosystems, primarily in the Central Valley and Coast Range of California.  His research centers on stream ecosystems, conservation biology, invasion ecology, and food web ecology. 

Dr. Marchetti teaches courses in general ecology, aquatic ecology, biostatistics, conservation biology and ichthyology.  He has an active research lab and has worked in California, Oregon, Nevada, Mexico, Hawai’i and New Zealand.  He has authorship on more than 35 peer-reviewed publications in top ranking academic journals, and is a co-author on two college textbooks, 'Invasion Ecology' and ‘Protecting Life on Earth’.  He is also the primary author on an upcoming general ecology textbook titled: "Ecology: Accessible Quantative Reasoning for Ecological Science", to be published in 2020.

School of Science » Biology
School of Science » Environmental and Earth Science
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Brousseau Hall - 106

Phone: 530 966 0647
Email: mpm9@stmarys-ca.edu

Curriculum Vitae: 


  • Ph. D. Graduate Group in Ecology, University of California, Davis, January 1999
  • MS Graduate Group in Ecology, University of California, Davis, June 1994
  • BA/BA Biology/Chemistry, Bucknell University, June 1990

Professional Experience

Teaching Experience:

  • Fletcher Jones Professor of Biology - St. Marys College of California (July 2011 - Present)
  • Professor - California State University, Chico (August 2000 - August 2011)

Courses Taught

Recently Taught:

  • Biology 34 Protecting Biodiversity
  • Biology 119 Research Design and Biostatistics
  • Biology 125 General Ecology
  • Biology 194 Biology of Fishes
  • Bology 113 Aquatic and Marine Ecology
  • Jan 45 Wild Mushrooms of the Bay Area
  • Jan 41 Photographig Nature
  • Seminar 1


Invited Speaker

  • Symposium on ‘Hawaii as a microcosm: mitigating the effects of invasive species on nature and society’ at North American Congress for Conservation Biology Annual Meeting. Madison WI July 2016.
  • Symposium on Biotic resistance at the The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting. Sacramento CA. Aug 2014 "Biotic resistance in freshwater communities: what we know and where to go"
  • Lecture at Mills College Oakland CA. Oct. 2012, “The role of interspecific competition in the process of species invasion.
  • Advancing Ecological Literacy in Non-Majors, Undergraduate Courses. Marchetti, Michael (talk, speech or lecture) Ecological Society of America(August 2012)
  • Examining the paradox of invasive/endangered species conservation. Marchetti, Michael (talk, speech or lecture) Society for Conservation Biology (July 2012)
  • The ecological role of seasonal tributaries in California. Marchetti, Michael. Drexel University (May 2012)

Keynote Speaker

  • Impact of Invasive Species: Lessons from California's Fishes. Marchetti, Michael
    Canadian Aquatic Invasive Species Network
    (March 2010)

Plenary Session

  • Impact of Invasive Species: Lessons from California's Fishes. Marchetti, Michael
    Tahoe Basin Science Confrence
    (February 2010)

Other Talks

  • Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting (ALSO, Soc. Freshwater Bio, Phycological Soc., SWS), Portland OR. May 2014. “Critical Role of seasonal tributaries for native aquatic biota in the Sacramento River”
  • Society for Conservation Biology – North American Congress. Oakland (July 2012) ‘The critical role of seasonal tributaries in California’
  • Society for Conservation Biology – North American Congress. Oakland (July 2012) ‘The impact of aquatic invaders on stream food webs in Kauai, Hawaii’
  • The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting. Portland OR. (Aug 2012) ‘The critical role of seasonal tributaries in California’
  • 46th Annual American Fisheries Society – CALNEVA chapter meeting. March 2012. Ecological Role of Seasonal Tributaries in California. Author: M. P. Marchetti
  • 6th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference. September 2010.  Ecological Role of Seasonal Tributaries in California.  Contributing Authors: M. P. Marchetti, B. Walther, M. Limm, G. Benigno, H. Bowen.


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Active Research Projects

- Ecology and Life History Variation in the Califonria Newt (Taricha torosa) (2013- Present)

- Origin of Tetrodotoxin in California Newt food webs (collaboration with Dr G. Buccarelli UCLA)

- Ecohydrology and fisheries management of the Russian River Watershed (2012- Present)

- Writing a Textbook for Norton Publishing - "Ecology: Accessible Quantitative Resasoning for Ecological Science"



Scholarly Interests: 


  • Aquatic Ecology & Conservation
  • Fish Biology
  • Invasion Ecology
  • Stream Ecology
  • Herpetology - amphibians
  • Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
  • Conservation Biology
  • General Ecology pedagogy
Personal Interests: 
  • wildlife photography
  • bicycles
  • Mycology
  • fly fishing
  • lp records from the 60's and 70's
  • gourmet cooking