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Dr. Michael P. Marchetti has multiple degrees from Bucknell University (Biology, Chemistry 1990) and the University of California, Davis (M.S. Ecology 1994 and Ph.D. Ecology 1999).  Currently he is the Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair of Biology at St Marys College of California.  Prior to St. Marys, Dr. Marchetti was a full professor at California State University Chico for eleven years. 

Dr. Marchetti has over 30 years experience studying aquatic ecosystems, primarily in the Central Valley and Coast Range of California.  His research centers on stream ecosystems, conservation biology, invasion ecology, and food web ecology. 

Dr. Marchetti teaches courses in general ecology, aquatic ecology, biostatistics, conservation biology and ichthyology.  He has an active research lab and has worked in California, Oregon, Nevada, Mexico, Hawai’i and New Zealand.  He has authorship on more than 35 peer-reviewed publications in top ranking academic journals, and is a co-author on two college textbooks, 'Invasion Ecology' and ‘Protecting Life on Earth’.  He is also the primary author on an upcoming general ecology textbook titled: "Ecology in a Changing World", to be published in 2022.

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Brousseau Hall - 106

Phone: 530 966 0647
Email: mpm9@stmarys-ca.edu

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