Theodore Tsukahara, AFSC

Theodore Tsukahara


Professional Overview: 

Ted Tsukahara is a lapsed economist, former finance and strategic planning executive, and retired investment banker. He is also an Affiliated member of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. He has been involved with the Program for almost twenty years and has been the tutor for all four mathematics tutorials, and the senior language tutorial.

Ted’s perspectives toward Program texts, senior essay advising, and pleasure reading are influenced by personal history. Being sent to an American internment camp, living under Jim Crow laws, learning foundations of bioethics during a post- doctoral fellowship, and helping to create a philosophy, politics, and economics program at Pomona College have focused his reading shelf on history, moral and political philosophy, and Catholic Social Teaching.

He is also a shower singer and a founding member of Br. Martin’s Sacred Music Choir. Ted and his wife of more than 50 years are often seen at Gael basketball games.

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