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In my teaching I am very eager to expand liberal arts "great books" education so as to include an aesthetic education and the visual arts.  I try to create possibilities for study abroad for this purpose.  I founded an institute in Rome (the Rome Institute for Liberal Arts) which tries to introduce art and history to liberal arts students, and to expose them to a world beyond the United States.

I am interested in the divide between the ancient understanding of a natural cosmos to which human beings were thought to belong, and the modern focus on human creativity and imagination which supplanted that idea of nature.  I pursue this issue in many areas, in math, science, visual arts, literature, etc.  My scholarly background is in early modern epic, especially Italian, and visual arts in early modern Rome.

B.A. St. John's College (Annapolis); M.A., M.Phil. Yale University (Medieval Studies); M.A., Ph.D. University of Chicago (Social Thought). Rome Prize, 2001-2002, American Academy of Rome.  Director, Rome Institute of Liberal Arts 2008-2020.


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