Manisha Anantharaman


Professional Overview: 

I am an Associate Professor in Justice, Community and Leadership at Saint Mary's College of California in the Bay Area. I am also affiliated with the Global and Regional Studies and the Earth and Environmental Science programs at Saint Mary's.  My research and teaching interests straddle the interconnected spheres of sustainability and social justice, applying participatory and ethnographic methodologies. I produce community-engaged scholarship that seeks to contribute towards a systemic transition to a more sustainable and just world for more people. 

I received my PhD from the Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management at the University of California Berkeley (2015) and have a Masters in Integrative Bio-sciences from the University of Oxford (2008). I am on the executive board of the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Consumption and Production, a world-wide network of researchers and practitioners working on sustainability transitions. In 2016, I received the Early Career Scholar Award from the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative. In Spring 2019, I was invited to the Alba Viotto Visiting Professor in Sociology at the University of Geneva. I recently presented  Sustainable Consumption Institute sponsored keynote at the 2019 Hallsworth Conference on Healthy Cities at the University of Manchester

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