Manisha Anantharaman


Professional Overview: 

I am a multi-disciplinary scholar who combines critical theory, ethnographic methods and community-engagement to explore the potential for, pathways to, and politics of  sustainability transitions. I study how economic and political ideologies, social identities, and power relations impact how "environmentalism" and "sustainability" are conceptualized and enacted at multiple scales - from the household, to the city, to the transnational milieu. I also explore how environmental initiatives reinforce or dismantle different manifestations of race, class, gender and caste-based oppression, with a normative goal of advancing social justice within sustainability and decarbonization initiatives. 

I am an Associate Professor of Justice, Community and Leadership  at Saint Mary's College of California in the Bay Area, where I teach courses on environmental justice, sustainability and development through the lenses of postcolonial/decolonial theory, feminist geography and cultural studies. I am also affiliated with the Global and Regional Studies and the Earth and Environmental Science programs at Saint Mary's.  

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