English 102: Creative Writing - Playwriting (Fall 2021)

Fulfills Core Requirements: Artistic Analysis and Creative Practice.

Satisfies the English Major requirement: Art of Writing and Other Literacies.


In this class, creative writers will try their hands at 10-minute, one-act, and experimental plays. This writing workshop is geared toward new and emerging playwrights testing out the field of dramatic arts. This semester we will read the works of a few canonical and vanguard playwrights to establish a shared understanding of theatrical conventions, ruptures, and innovations.  Informed by the crises and uprisings that changed all of our lives in 2020, we will put a particular focus on minoritized, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC playwrights and their writing practices for revolutionary community building, social justice work, systemic change-making and radical forms of compassion and self-care. Through weekly workshopping sessions, peer review, guided revision, and staged readings we will work together to craft original plays suitable for production. To help us examine the drama as a live, staged experience, struggling to re-make itself in the age of Covid, class work will include required attendance at various live or virtual events: at least two to three special lectures and virtual theatre performances maybe required for viewing outside of regular class hours.

Course may be repeated for credit as genre varies. Satisfies Artistic Understanding (Analysis and Creative Practice) of the Core Curriculum.


Readings will include plays and essays by such playwrights as: James Ijames, Moises Kaufman, Maria Irene Fornes, Tennessee Williams, Suzan-Lori Parks, Edward Albee and others.


Requirements: Daily attendance, evidence of careful writing and reading, active participation in discussions, peer reviews, staged readings and workshops, 3-4 revised scripts, and two “trips” to the (virtual) theater—both on campus and off.


Instructor:                 Dr. Emily Klein                      TTH 3:00 - 4:35