English 198: Senior Honors Thesis (Independent Study) (Spring 2022)

Directed reading and research under the supervision of a department faculty member, culminating in the writing of an academic thesis.



  1. Senior standing in the English Major (for the semester in which thesis is to be undertaken)

  2. 3.70 GPA in the English Major

Exceptions must be pursued with the Department Chair Prof. Monica Fitzgerald.


Application and Deadlines : 

To undertake an Honors Thesis in Spring 2022, apply by November 19, 2021.


Students are responsible for contacting and proposing projects to potential faculty supervisors. They must then submit a proposal containing the following to the Department Chair, Monica Fitzgerald, by the above deadline.  Final approval rests with the Dept. Chair.


  1. a page-long description of the academic project to be undertaken

  2. the signature of a faculty supervisor for the project, to be solicited by the student

  3. evidence of 3.70 GPA in major


Course Credit:

Students will receive 1 course credit for English 198. The course must be taken for a grade and may not be repeated for credit.



  1. Regularly scheduled meetings with faculty supervisor to establish a reading list, organize research, and confer on progress and on drafts of the essay.

  2. To equip the student with the skills necessary to complete a significant research study, the student will meet early in the semester with the librarian subject specialist (Gina Kessler Lee) who will assist the student in formulating a search strategy, and in identifying, using, and evaluating appropriate sources of information.

  3. The final project for this course will be a scholarly research essay of at least 20 pages, in addition to a Bibliography or Works Cited list. The essay must conform to MLA citation procedures. The faculty supervisor must approve and grade the final project.