Toolbox for Navigating a Loved One’s Care – Part I

Toolbox for Navigating a Loved One’s Care – Part I

What documents do your parents or other family members need to have in place to prepare for future health challenges? How do you navigate available public benefits, such as Medi-Cal? Proper planning for a loved one’s care takes careful thought and can reduce the stress and burden on your family during a health crisis. This workshop will provide valuable information for your toolbox when managing a loved one’s care.  During the workshop, participants will:

  • Review helpful legal documents and their uses
  • Discuss how to arrange for care
  • Understand how to utilize Medi-Cal and VA benefits

When:             Friday, September 18, 11:45 AM—1:00 PM

Where:            Hagerty Lounge

Open to:         All SMC Employees

Presenters:     Kristen Southworth & Kathleen Day-Seiter - Southworth Chavez & Day-Seiter Law Firm