ARISE High School

The KSOE is proud to be in partnership with Arise High School, a small charter school in East Oakland, CA whose focus is to prepare students from low income families to be the first in their families to attend college

Our single subject credential program, is dedicated to aligning theory with practice (praxis).  We encourage in-depth discussion and writing around the readings we do together and connect community-developed understandings to practice. Our partnership with ARISE High School is just one example of this in practice.  This January, the Single Subject Credential Program's first course, Foundations of Secondary Education, was taught half at Saint Mary's College and half at ARISE High School.  At Saint Mary's College, the cohort developed trust and community while engaging in deep and critical readings.  We examined our own biases about communities, schools, teaching and learning.  As we interrogated our educational backgrounds, we also learned about the socio-historical foundations of education, how they have informed the current structures, and how to act as collaborative and transformative educators.  We went so far as to look at language and how it can be used to create or undermine communities.  From the abstract, we grounded our work in a site visit to ARISE High School that was supported with interviews of students, teachers, and co-leaders; attendance at a school assembly and/or advisory; a tour of the school; and classes on-site at ARISE High School.