Career Gateway Program

SEBA's Career Gateway program is designed to help you differentiate yourself in today’s challenging job market. 

KeySEBA's Career Gateway program is an exciting, innovative, and practical experience that will complement the courses you take and help you prepare for success in the business and professional world. It is comprised of a unique set of comprehensive experiences strategically woven into your academic curriculum and designed to:


  • develop your poise and confidence
  • enhance your knowledge
  • prepare you for real-world challenges in college and beyond
  • help you develop a personalized professional skillset necessary to be successful in business, in entrepreneurial ventures, leadership and life 

Over the course of your years at Saint Mary's College, you will have many opportunities to earn “Keys to Success", with each key tied to training in an important skill set. Your goal is to earn a total of 10 keys each academic year. Keys are earned as follows:

  • 1 Key for each SEBA and Career Center Workshop & Event that you attend
  • 3 Keys for each Internship and Study Abroad experience 

Career Gateway is available to all SEBA undergraduate students. The program is tailored so that students can enter at any time (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) in their academic experience at Saint Mary's. Transfer students and those who declare their majors after their freshmen years can take advantage of the program as well. Those who finish the Career Gateway program will be awarded a Career Gateway Certificate of Accomplishment.  

For more information on Career Gateway or how to get started, contact us at SEBA Career Gateway.