Anna Corwin


School of Liberal Arts » Anthropology
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Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles 2014

M.A., Anthropology, Northern Arizona University, 2007

B.A., French Literature, Smith College, 2003

Courses Taught

Anthropology 001 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology 105 - Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology 

Anthropology 117 - Anthropology of Religion 



Nov. 2017       Care In Interaction: Aging, Personhood, and the Meaning(s) of Care, American Anthropological Association Meetings, Washington, DC.

Nov. 2016       Care and the Paradox of Spiritual Healing, American Anthropological Association Meetings, Minneapolis MN.



2017    “Semiotic Agency and the Performance of Gender among Genderqueer Individuals” Gender and Language 11(2): 255-277.

2017    “Overcoming Elderspeak: A Qualitative Study of Three Alternatives” The Gerontologist gnx009.

2017    “Growing Old with God: An Alternative Vision of Aging Well.” In Successful Aging: A 21st Century Obsession. S. Lamb, ed. Rutgers University Press. 98-111

2017    Lamb, Sarah, Jessica Robbins-Ruszkowski and Anna Corwin “Introduction: Successful Aging as a 21st Century Obsession” In Successful Aging: A 21st Century Obsession. S. Lamb, ed. Rutgers University Press. 1-26

2014 “Lord Hear Our Prayer: Prayer, Social Support, and Well-Being in a Catholic Convent.”  Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 24(2): 175-195

2012. “Changing God, Changing Bodies: The Impact of New Prayer Practices on Elderly Catholic Nuns’ Embodied Experience.” Ethos 40(4):390-410. Corwin.Ethos.2012

2012. “Let Him Hold You: Spiritual and Social Support in a Catholic Convent Infirmary.” Anthropology of Aging Quarterly 33(4):120-130. Corwin.AAQ.2012


Corwin, Anna I. March 2014. Dissertation Launchpad (TED-like talk): “Nuns, Prayer, and the Language of Aging Well” .

Saul-Sehy, Joe (Producer). 2012, Nov. 8. “How To Live a Longer and More Fulfilling Life” [Audio Podcast].

Corwin, Anna I. 2013 “Why Do Nuns Outlive the Rest of Us: Six Tips for Healthy Aging.” In Yes! Magazine. Sept 27.

Honors, Awards & Grants


2018  Saint Mary’s College Provost’s Faculty Research Grant "The paradox of successful aging: An 8-week intervention study"

2018  Global Religion Reserach Initiative's Global Religion Curriculum Development Grant