Yuan Li


Professional Overview: 

Dr. Yuan Li joined Saint Mary's College of California in 2015. She obtained her PhD in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Before coming back to California, she was an assistant professor of strategy and organization at McGill University in Canada . Her areas of research interests are organization theory, institutional change, rhetorical perspectives, and China's economic transition. 

School of Economics and Business Administration » Organizations and Responsible Business
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PhD in Business Administration, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, LA

MA, Tsinghua University, Beijing

BA, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Courses Taught

BUSAD 131, Managing and Leading in Organizations

GMAN 512, Business Strategy


Committee member, AARC, 2016-

Member, Working Group of American Diversity and Global Perspectives, CCC, 2016-

Committee member, FDC of SEBA, 2015-



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