First-Year Freshmen Scholarships

Merit Scholarships (Fall 2017)

Presidential Scholarships:  $25,000 annually ($100,000 total)

Honors at Entrance Scholarships:  $22,000 annually  ($88,000 total)

Gael Scholar’s Awards:  $19,000 annually ($76,000 total)

Benildus Awards: $17,000 annually ($68,000 total)

Cordero Awards: $6,000 annually ($24,000 total)

Leclerq Awards: $2,500 annually ($10,000 total)

To apply: Decisions are determined at the time of acceptance, no additional forms are required to be considered for these scholarships. These awards are determined at the time of freshman admission and applied for each of four year of consecutive full time undergradaute study--toward your first bachelor's degree--at Saint Mary's, based upon successful academic progress. These amounts may be combined with other Saint Mary's College merit scholarships, and do not include possible additional need based aid for which students might qualify. Please contact the Office of Admissions concerning criteria. 

Lasallian and or Lasallian Affiliated School Scholarships

Lasallian Leadership Awards: $13,000 annually ($52,000 total)

These awards are available to admitted students graduating from De La Salle Christian Brothers high schools who have 3.5 > cumulative weighted academic grade point averages. Students froms other historically Lasallian affiliated schools (Carondelet High School in Concord, CA; San Joaquin Memorial High School in Fresno,CA;  Garces Memorial in Bakersfield, CA) may also qualify. Recipients can combine these awards with one of the listed merit scholarships determined at the time of acceptance.

To apply: Decisions are determined at the time of acceptance, no additional forms are required to be considered for these scholarships.

A note about merit based scholarships:

The total of merit scholarships cannot exceed Saint Mary's College tuition. Merit awards are applied towards any demonstrated need based aid eligibility. Students who receive the combination of the Presidential and Lasallian Leadership scholarships may compete for any other merit awards; the maximum number of merit awards a student may receive is three. If the combination of merit scholarships and Cal Grant or the Tuition Exchange award exceed tuition, the merit scholarship will be reduced.

Need Based Aid 

Saint Mary's College General Scholarships:  $1,000-$28,000 annually

To apply: These need-based grants depend on student demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Other endowed scholarships have additional criteria, such as geographic qualifications or ethnic heritage. (e.g., the Joseph David Cardoza scholarship for students of Portuguese decent). Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have additional questions.

Departmental Scholarships

Various Departmental Scholarships: $13,000 annually ($52,000 total)

To apply: Students may only compete for one Departmental Scholarship. Applicants must submit all application materials (Common Application, high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, ACT or SAT scores on or before the application deadline of January 15).

  • See below which scholarships require a separate application. These application materials must be submitted via email to by noon, Jan. 15, 2017.
  • Invited applicants must interview with faculty from their department of interest on campus during our Scholarship Saturday event held on February 25, 2017.

Saint Mary's offers scholarship opportunities for students who are interested in majoring in the following subjects: 

Accounting and Business, Wilder Business Scholarship

The School of Economics and Business Administration encourages students to “Think Globally, Lead Responsibly”. To be eligible:

  • Students must major in Business Administration or Accounting
  • Participate in an interview on campus during Scholarship Saturday on February 25, 2017 
  • Submit the self nomination form

Please note that not all students who self-nominate will be selected to interview. 

Art Practice and Visual Arts, Brother Cornelius Visual Arts Scholarship

Application Materials:

  • An essay (<500 words), describing the applicant’s interest and qualifications for the scholarship
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers and/or others addressing the applicant’s qualifications
  • A DVD or online portfolio of original work (video as well as artwork of other digital or traditional mediums)
  • A list of software skills
  • A list of any relevant art projects including titles, duration's, and synopses

Expectations:The recipient must major in Art Practice and is expected to annually contribute in several capacities to the Art & Art History Department.  Such contributions may include working closely with a faculty member as a production or research assistant on a video or media arts project, coordinating screenings of student video work, leading the department’s art club.

English Scholarship

Application Materials:

  • Two letters of recommendation, one to be written by the applicant’s junior or senior year high school English teacher
  • Two essays.  One explain (<750 words) why the applicant wishes to major in English; the second (1000-1750 words) analyzing a literary text.  Applicants may also include an example of their creative writing

Expectations: The recipient must major in English, and contribute to English Department activities.  Such contributions might include assisting with the department website, working on the literary magazine, or helping to organize English Club events.

History, The Louis LeFevre Scholarship

Application Materials:

  • A list of history classes taken in high school including the titles of texts read in each class
  • An Essay:  500 words addressing your interest in studying history
  • An Essay:  250 words describing your leadership ability experience
  • Two letters of recommendations from teachers/one being from a history teacher

Expectations:The recipient must major in History and collaborate with faculty and students to facilitate participation and leadership in History Club activities and events.

Integral Program Scholarship

Application Materials:

  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals testifying  to the applicant’s interest in the Integral Program
  • A portfolio illustrating a commitment to inquiry based on the reading and discussion of primary texts. Applicants are invited to be inventive in constructing their portfolios

Expectations: The recipient must be an Integral major, and contribute actively to the department’s work.  Such contributions might include assisting with the department website, assisting with student recruitment, and organizing departmental events.

Mathematics and Computer Science, Brother Dominic Barry Mathematics Scholarships

Saint Mary's College Department of Mathematics and Computer Science invites applications for the Brother Dominic Barry Mathematics scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to the two students scoring highest in the Math Problem Solving Competition the morning of Saturday, February 25, 2017. 

Following the competition, there will be an opportunity to participate in fun math events and share dinner with current Saint Mary's math majors. 

Students interested in participating in the Scholarship competition must sign up before February 13, 2017.

Mentored Access to Programs in Science Scholarship (MAPS)

Saint Mary's MAPS Scholarship program offers full tuition for four years of consecutive full-time study. If selected to interview, students can compete for a MAPS scholarship and a Math or Physics scholarship on February 25, but they must choose between Math and Physics. Additionally, students receiving a MAPS scholarship are not eligible to receive a Math or Physics scholarships as well, as MAPS covers full tuition. Those who interview for but are not selected may receive a Math or Physics scholarship.


  • Must major in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry (Biology and 3+2 Engineering students are not eligible for a MAPS scholarship) 

  • Must have completed Pre-Calculus

  • Show demonstrated need via FASFA (U.S. Citizenship required)

  • Competitive applicants will have a 3.5 (Weighted) GPA or higher

  • Apply today

Performing Arts Awards

These awards are available to students either majoring or minoring in Dance, Music, Theatre/Performance, or Technical Theatre. Students must be evaluated by the respective departments through auditions or interview. While it is possible to send recordings of performances or request Skype interviews for consideration, those who come to campus have an advantage.

 Awards are renewable for four years, and are merit-based for demonstrated artistic excellence. Auditions for the upcoming terms can be found at the performing arts department website. Contact the Director of your program of interest for more information.

Please note that the auditions for the Performing Arts Scholarship will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Physics Scholarship

The Physics department scholarship is based on a laboratory activity designed to test a student’s creative problem solving skills. It cannot be studied for or prepared for and does not test specific knowledge of Physics – we seek students who have the ability to think outside the box and examine problems from multiple perspectives.

Eligible students must:

  • Submit a self-nomination form
  • Score a 600 or better on the math sub-section of the SAT, or a 26 on the math sub-section of the ACT
  • Visit campus Saturday, February 25, 2017, to participate in the lab activity

Politics Scholarship

Application Materials:

  • A letter of recommendation from an individual testifying  to the applicant’s interest in politics
  • A personal essay (<750 words) addressing the applicant’s interest in politics and providing evidence in the form of personal experience, study, service, or career expectations

Expectations: The recipient must major in politics and contribute actively to the Department’s work.  Such contributions might include assisting faculty research and teaching activities and organizing department events. 

Theology and Religious Studies Scholarship

Application Materials:

  • A personal essay of (<1000) words addressing the following:
    • Why are you interested in pursuing the academic study of theology and/or religion and related topics that most interest you
    • Providing evidence of such interest in the form of personal experience, study, service, or career expectations
    • Describing why Saint Mary’s College would be a good place to pursue the study of theology and/or religion
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing your intellectual interests in studying  theology and/or religion: at least one from an academic professional (e.g. teacher or guidance counselor)

Expectations: The recipient must major in Theology & Religious Studies and contribute actively to the Theology & Religious Studies department’s work.  Such contributions might include organizing events for students or the larger community, engaging in research with the faculty, leading study groups, and/or assisting with the department’s website.

Other Scholarships

Private Scholarships

Private organizations and corporations offer a variety of scholarships, which can be used to fund your education at Saint Mary's. See Private Scholarships and Scholarship Websites That Work for more information.

The Macken Collegiate Forensics Scholarships

Scholarships: $500-$5,000 annually

To apply: In order to compete for one of the Macken Collegiate Forensics Scholarships, please submit a self-nomination form.

Self-nomination form

Saint Mary's Macken Collegiate Forensics program offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to incoming freshmen, transfes, and currently enrolled SMC students.

Students are selected to receive scholarships based on their level of commitment to the Macken team, their competitive potential and contributions, and their academic standing.

Veteran's Benefits

Saint Mary's is approved for the training of veterans and  their eligible dependents under the various public laws  which come under the direction of the Department of Veterans Affairs. We proudly participate in the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Programs. Please visit here for more information.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Please note the application deadline for Fall 2017 students has passed.

This scholarship is available to both new and continuing students who are the children or grandchildren of Saint Mary's College alumni.

To apply: The application requires <500 word statement answering the attached prompt below. Following review, select students will be invited to participate in on campus interviews during Scholarship Saturday on February 25, 2017.  Please submit the form below to Samantha Davison ’12, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at  The deadline for submission will be Friday February 3, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. PST.