Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center Reservation Policies

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Reservation Policies

  1. All reservation requests must be submitted 10 days in advance for proper communication and approval.

  2. All requests for use of space in the Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center and pool must receive proper approval.   

  3. Prior to approval of pool reservation, member requesting to reserve the pool must meet with management.

  4. The member requesting to reserve space will be notified if the request is approved, approved with modifications, or denied. 

  5. Reservations can be made for a maximum of 2 hours (per day).

  6. Large groups of 10 or more requesting space for more than 2 hours must meet with management.

  7. Members who request space during peak hours may be asked to select a different time.

  8. Reserved space must be used for its intended purpose. An activity space cannot be used as a meeting space.

  9. In order to play amplified music or personal music, member or group must have an approved reservation.

  10. Outside or personal equipment used during reservation must be approved for use.

  11. All participants involved in the reservation must be active members of the Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center.

  12. All participants are required to check in appropriately at the front desk with his or her Saint Mary's ID card.

  13. Non-members are not permitted to participate in reserved spaces and activities at the Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center.

  14. The member requesting the space is responsible for communicating cancellations and changes to management. Updates and changes can be communicated to the front desk (925) 631-4949.

  15. If an individual or group reservation has multiple absences without communication, future reservations will be cancelled with notification to member.

  16. Changes to a reservation can be made by management at anytime.