Q & A with Canon Marin

Photo taken by: Karen Drinkwater

Why did I choose SMC?
I chose SMC because of its value system. When I came here and was treated like a person; not just another ID number or a face you cant remember in a lecture of 500 students. I visited classrooms, saw the environment and how blissfully different it was from other schools I had toured. The small class sized highlighted each professor's commitment to connecting and educating students through a personal relationship. The relationship the students had with their professors was an indication to me that I could really thrive in this environment. Professors here seemed devoted their students education and their own personal fields of study.

The second reason I chose SMC was the rugby team. The first weekend I was here I saw the passion that each of the players had for rugby and the bond they had together. When it was time to work everyone worked hard and when it was time to relax and recuperate they all did it together as brothers. These guys, many of who I still play with, truly cared for each other and their community. Having seen all of this, I decided that these were the guys I wanted to play with and this was school I wanted to invest my assets to learn from for four years.

How long have I been playing rugby?

I have been playing rugby since my freshman year of high school. This will be my eighth year and it feels like yesterday that I first picked up that weird large football thing called a rugby ball.

If you could describe your experience of SMC rugby in 3 words, what would they be?

Rewarding, Challenging, Transformative

Photo taken by: Karen Drinkwater 

What will I remember most about my time with Gael Rugby?

I will remember the times that we had together, whether it was the rainy horrible days with Remy or the fantastic times we had in New Zealand. I will always remember the highs and the lows but the most important aspect of these memories are the brothers that I had beside me through it all. Each one supporting each other through the most rewarding, challenging, and transformative 4 years of my life.

How has what I learned from rugby transferred over to other aspects of your life?

What I learned from rugby is that hard work beats raw talent. We have never been the largest or most talented team, but we have always been the team with the most heart and determined work ethic. This sense of drive has in turn helped me develop in my school work and personal life. 

Canon Marin: Signing Off. Thanks for the best 4 years of my life Saint Mary's College and all of those involved with Saint Mary's Rugby, Fans, Coaches, Parents, and Players. For all those with more years at Saint Mary's Rugby, be thankful for that time and use it wisely, you will never get that time back and it will be the experiences through this program you will miss the most.

This Ones for the Boys.