Adding Authorizations to an Existing Credential

It is possible to add Subject Matter or Supplementary Authorizations to either a Multiple or Single Subject Preliminary or Clear Credentials

These authorizations allow the holder to teach the subject in departmentalized classrooms through the 9th grade (and in some cases, for Single Subject Credential holders, through the 12th grade). Subject Matter Authorizations are required for core academic subjects covered by the federal law called No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and require a major or 32 semester units of work. The Supplementary Authorizations cover the non-core areas and require a major or 20 semester units of work.

Before applying for a Subject Matter or Supplementary Authorization, the student should be certain that he or she wants to teach the subject in a departmentalized classroom. Once the authorization is obtained, the employing district may assign the holder to teach the subject on a full- or part-time basis. Refusal of the assignment is the same as resigning from the teaching position. Each year, CTC receives a small number of requests for the removal of supplemental authorizations from a credential. So, do not request a Supplementary Authorization unless you want to teach in that subject area as much as in your credential.

The specific requirements for adding a Subject Matter or a Supplementary to either a Multiple or Single Subject Credential can be found at the following CTC websites:

Subject Matter Authorizations: (Worksheets)

Supplementary Authorizations: (Worksheets)