GaelPhone Desk Phone


As part of the migration to the CloudPBX old phones were replaced with new desk phones.  The new phones will work once the phone numbers are migrated to the new service. IT Services will remove the old phones after the new phones are up and running.

Important information about the new GaelPhones

  • Do not dial “9” before external numbers.  (Just dial the phone number)
  • Voice mail messages, by default, will go to your email.  If you do not want this, please notify the Service Desk by calling  (925) 631- 4266.
    • If you elect not to have your voice mail delivered to your email account, then your default voice mail password is “0000”.  (For security purposes, we recommend you change your password.)
  • Headsets for your new desk phone are not a standard issue by IT Services. If you need a headset in addition to your new desk phone, your department will have to pay for it. 

Quick Reference Guide

View and print the quick reference guide (pdf) for your desk phone.

How to use the new Desk Phone (Polycomm VVX 310)