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I am delighted to have joined the Saint Mary’s faculty in fall 2017. From 2017-2019, I concurrently hold a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Louisville Institute, where I participate in the organization’s Vocation of the Theological Educator initiative.

A concern for Christianity's complicated relationship to suffering drives my theological teaching and research. My current book project, tentatively titled, Dust in the Blood: A Theology of Depression (Liturgical Academic), develops a theology of suffering and salvation grounded in contemporary experiences of chronic and recurring depression. This research is an outgrowth of my dissertation, which was supported by a Dissertation Fellowship from the Louisville Institute and by the Collegeville Institute, where I served as a Scholar in Residence and Kilian McDonnell Fellow in Faith and Culture from 2016-2017. My other academic and popular writing can be found in Theological Studies, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Journal of Catholic Higher Education,  GIA Quarterly, Give Us This Day, as well as in a number of edited volumes. 

U.S. liberation theologies, especially feminist and antiracist theologies, have been avenues for thinking critically and constructively about Christianity’s complicity in human suffering. These theologies feature prominently in my teaching and research.

My courses in systematic theology introduce students to the breadth of the Christian tradition and reflect my commitments to interdisciplinarity and social justice. As an instructor, I rely on active-learning techniques to create a classroom where students not only learn about theology but also hone their theological thinking skills. I believe that all students have the potential to make significant theological contributions, and I encourage them to apply their perspectives and skills to issues on campus and in our broader world.

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